TeamUp Playbook™

TeamUp Playbook™

THE CHALLENGE Teams are complex emergent systems, composed of complex people working in today’s complex times. These collectively impact on performance. There are so many conditions for teams to get right and it can take years to develop great leadership skills so how do you build a strong team fast? Wouldn’t it be better to follow a simple, trusted, scientific path to success? We’ve developed one. It’s called ‘The TeamUp Playbook™’.

Get Set
Get Safe
Get Strong
Constructive tension
Get Success

Although simple it is a scientifically robust, and best in class measure of team effectiveness. It is unique as it pinpoints the precise performance areas for team leaders to address and the order in which to work on them. This order is based on the very latest scientific research.

Get Set

Get Set

+ Mission
+ Plans
+ Disciplines

The team generates ‘swift trust’ by agreeing 9 ‘task-based’ commitments. Studies tell us each of these predicts team excellence, especially in the virtual team. The team quickly establishes proven foundations behind team success. Teams scoring well on the Get Set metric are clear on their mission, plans and responsibilities and feel confident, aligned and purposeful. They are ready to pivot and rapidly adapt to change and are in a great position to leverage their task-based trust to build deeper levels of interpersonal trust and higher levels of psychological safety in the next stage.

Get Safe

Get Safe

+ Vulnerability
+ Empathy
+ Learning

By building more interpersonal trust the team is better able to create higher levels of psychological safety. There are 9 behaviours that studies confirm enable team members to feel more supported, more able to express themselves, make more telling contributions and to speak up if they have concerns. As a result team members share more of their knowledge and learn more rapidly. Studies confirm that the extra safety generated is necessary for the team to then excel in the next stage

Get Strong

Get Strong

+ Accountability
+ Constructive tension
+ Experimentation

Here the team builds on the clarity achieved in the Get Set stage and the safety generated in the Get Safe stage to be able to achieve the necessary levels of constructive tension, accountability and experimentation that really drive results. Team members collaborate better, influence each other more assertively, and constructively challenge each other. Teams scoring well here make and deliver on more commitments to each other, are prepared to experiment and think creatively, better able to work autonomously in sub-units and are interact better with other teams. They do all of this without unnecessary guidance or control.

Get Success - Delivers, Trusted, Adaptable

Get Success - Delivers, Trusted, Adaptable

+ Delivers
+ Adapts
+ Trusted

The team, now excelling in the previous stages is a highly nimble, confident, cohesive and reliable team that works exceptionally well with other teams. Nine measures of performance in this stage demonstrate that the clarity, agreement and alignment of the Get Set phase, in conjunction with the psychological safety generated in the Get Safe phase and the constructive tension created in the Get Strong phase now results in the team delivering consistently, being trusted by its stakeholders, and being seen to be highly adaptable in how it adapts and pivots to change.

Skin in the Game

Skin in the Game

One of the Playbook Get Set conditions is for team members to have ‘sufficient skin in the game’ to motivate collaboration with others.  We provide the same condition for our clients but without asking for an upside. We are so confident in our science based TeamUp Playbook™ approach, that we will forfeit 50% of our fee if our approach fails to deliver expected value for any of our coached reports, modular, virtual team development solutions or our executive coaching programmes. You will find us extremely vested in improving any team we work with.


Our diagnostic reports provide average scores in the 27 team behaviours that studies confirm predict team effectiveness.  Scores are arranged in three sets of nine for the Get Set, Get Safe and Get Strong stages. The team also scores itself on nine measures of team effectiveness in the final Get Success Stage. The entire on line question set takes no more than 10 minutes to complete. The reports start the process of team-improvement as they pinpoint the precise areas for team leaders and their teams to address and crucially, the order in which to work on them.

We offer two types of report:

1 Detailed Report 

Team leaders receive a TeamUp Playbook™ detailed report and unlimited repeat diagnostics for the same team for a 12-month period.

Ideal for – team leaders who wish to understand, with absolute precision, how their teams stack up against the 27 predictors of performance and to use the report to action improvements and then track team working improvements over time.

Cost: £400 per team per year

Email us on to request a Detailed TeamUp Playbook™ Report.









2 Coached Report

The Coached Report is a detailed TeamUp Playbook™ Report accompanied by at least one coaching session plus unlimited diagnostics for a 12-month period.

Cost: To be discussed with TeamUp
Email us on to enquire.

Team Development

We have over 20 years of experience in improving team working by designing and facilitating on-line and face-to-face team development. We offer:

> Modular (Online or Face)

You decide the support you require from TeamUp from a menu of 2 hour on line workshops. Titles include

1. Building ‘swift trust’ in the virtual team

2. Boosting psychological safety in the virtual team

3. Team plays to deal with selfish gits

4. Converting your team to a pivot friendly team

5. Building a team identity for the tired and disengaged virtual team

You then decide on how you would like to support your chosen module from the following additional services

+ Pre module briefing

+ Detailed TeamUp Playbook™ Diagnostic Report

+ Team Leader coaching and TeamUpPlaybook™ feedback session

+ Post module Team Leader coaching session

+ Repeat Detailed TeamUpPlaybook™ Diagnostic Report

+ Repeat Team Leader coaching session

> Bespoke (Online or Face)

Usually reserved for Boards, Executive Teams or the more senior teams, you are free to create your own team development programme incorporating diagnostics, interviews,  design, facilitation, coaching, evaluation mechanisms.

Executive Coaching

George is highly experienced executive coach at C-Suite level and has undertaken coaching engagements at CEO, CFO, HRD, CIO, CTO, COO and MD levels across multiple industries. TeamUp evaluates every coaching engagement undertaken using the TeamUp Playbook™ Diagnostic to ensure any coaching benefits show up in the performance of the team led by the person being coached. We are so confident our techniques work, if results are disappointing, we will forfeit part of our fee.

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